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Inquiry form - LED displays (panel mount displays)

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Inquiry form for an individualized offer

General information
Display: numeric alpha-numeric
Data for display
Number of lines: single-line multiline, quantity:
Characters per line: Digits
Character height: 8 mm / 10 mm (< 2 m) 25 mm (< 10 m)
(reading distance) 14 mm (< 5 m) 40 mm (< 15 m)
20 mm (< 8 m) other:
Display type: LED standard
LED super bright
LCD transflective
Electromechanic bistable
Display color: red white
green blue
yellow other:
View: one-sided double-sided multi-sided, quantity:
Info for interface
Interface: Analog
DC Current/voltage: Resistor/rotation angle:
DC mV/µA Shunt: Hz Frequency/rotation:
AC Current/voltage: PT100 temperature:
Serial and fieldbus
Seriell (RS232, RS485 etc.) CANbus
Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP
BCD parallel HEX parallel
BCD multiplex HEX multiplex
Counter adding Time
Counter subtracting Stopwatch
Elapsed hour counter
Output options: Analog output Display Hold
Serial output Relay switching output
Blanking Min.-max-memory
Additional information for interface:
Power supply: 24 V DC 230 V AC other:
Housing and amount of units required:
Housing: Panel mount
48 x 24 mm 96 x 24 mm 192 x 72 mm
48 x 48 mm 96 x 48 mm 192 x 96 mm
72 x 24 mm 144 x 48 mm other:
72 x 36 mm 144 x 72 mm
72 x 48 mm 144 x 96 mm
housing_material: Plastics
Amount of units required:

Personal data (* Mandatory fields)
Contact person:*
Street address:*
ZIP code / town:*
Customer ID
(if available):
Questions or message:

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